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There are not so many cities in Belarus, that you will visit again and again, learn and find something, that is not evident at first sight. Grodno is this kind of a city.

This is the most "European" city in Belarus. The cultural and historical originality of Grodno consists in the surviving numerous religious monuments, that have not been touched by the destructive wave of atheism, built or united in ensembles, through which one can study the history of urban development: the only royal residence in Belarus with two practically undestroyed castles, the first pharmacy, medical academy, newspaper, a botanical garden, the first and oldest tower clock, the first zoo in Belarus. In Grodno, unlike most Belarusian cities, monuments of almost all artistic styles have survived - from Gothic to Constructivism. They are witnesses of different epochs not only in the life of the city, but also throughout Belarus, and sometimes throughout Eastern Europe.

Visiting this marvelous city, your consciousness will strike not only architectural beauties. The thing is, that the unique and ineradicable spirit of the past is hovering in Grodno, as if the people who lived here have left a part of their soul: grand dukes, kings, scientists, writers, poets, philosophers.

Also, not far from Grodno, lies one of the most beautiful corners of Belarus, attracting tourists from different countries by its preserved pristine nature - the Augustowski Canal. This is a unique hydro-technical structure, which can rightly be considered as a miracle of engineering thought of the nineteenth century. There are many sights, outstanding monuments of culture and architecture, ecology and military history in the basin of the Augustowski Canal. This charming corner can rightfully be called a cultural place on the map of the Grodno region. Sports and cultural events are held almost every weekend on the Augustowski Canal: competitions in sports tourism, tourist gatherings, festivals and holidays. This region is unique because of the cultural mixture of three nations, which affected the traditions and customs of the local population.

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